Cookie-less Marketing: Life without Conversion Pixels

It’s always been an interesting choice of words to call cookies and device IDs “persistent”. To most people, being surreptitiously followed and monitored at all times would likely be described as “stalking”. It’s only the stalker who refers to himself as persistent.

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Set up a Postgres Database with Your Shopify Data (Developer Not Required)

A guide for non-technical marketers to setup a Postgres database and start querying their Shopify data in less than an hour.

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Why Do Single-Question Surveys Work?

We've had a few clients ask why single-question surveys are a best practice, given the infinite real estate of Ecommerce. Why not ask the customer everything you can, while you've got their attention? Well, that’s one question we're happy to answer.

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The Scariest Word In Marketing Attribution: "Direct"

Direct traffic has a lot to say, and historically the problem has been that marketers simply don't bother to listen. Here's how to turn Direct from your nemesis to your best friend.

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Analyzing Survey Responses in Google Analytics

Utilize your Enquire survey data in Google Analytics to supercharger your insights.

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