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Listen To EnquireLabs On The Honest Ecommerce Podcast

Matt Bahr

We recently dropped in on Chase Clymer's e-commerce podcast Honest Ecommerce to chat all things attribution and media diversification.

A few of the discussion points we tapped:

In this conversation, Chase and I  discuss:

  • [1:01] Life before Enquire Labs
  • [2:12] What is attribution and its importance
  • [3:30] How post-purchase surveys help online store owners?
  • [5:41] Interesting data points
  • [7:37] An upcoming EnquireLabs is report on attribution
  • [11:20] DIY post-purchase surveys vs EnquireLabs
  • [12:53] Enquire’s response clarification features
  • [13:29] Incentivizating users to complete a survey
  • [14:54] Diversifying your media

If you’re not already subscribed to Honest Ecommerce, be sure to give this episode a listen here.

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