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A Blueprint For Channel Measurement
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Survey your customers on the order confirmation page.

Shopify’s top rated post-purchase survey app.

Enable your survey in minutes

Enquire uses your existing Shopify theme styles, so no additional styling work is needed.

  • 60%+ Response Rate
  • Multi-Survey Support
  • Responsive Design

Features to make you stand out

Understand your survey responses and compare to your e-commerce data (average order value, order volume, total spend).

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Integrate your survey data with your existing tech stack

Unlock the power of your survey responses by pushing them to your favorite apps.

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Your customers are on mobile. So are we.

  • Responsive Layout

    We style your survey with your existing Shopify theme.

  • You convert. We engage.

    Use your survey responses to engage your customers immediately after they complete a survey.


Push Enquire survey data to third-parties for further analysis.
Google Analytics
Shopify Flow
Smile (Coming Soon)
Cart Hook (Coming Soon)
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“Love the information we can now get from our customers.”
Hunter Bailey
"Awesome app! The data is invaluable to understand our customer's needs and wants."
Chris D'Alberti
Co-Founder, Highline Wellness
"Super helpful app! Enquire has been great to understand attribution and gain insights from customers."
Michael Rothkopf
Co-Founder, Buffy

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